Mental health stigma, has it been broken ?

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The word stigma and mental health go hand in hand or at least they have for a long time. But if we pay really close attention to it you may just discover in the current environment we live in nothing could be further from the truth.

Yes we totally agree as little as even 2 years ago the stigma that surrounded mental health was rife, no one spoke about it, no one admitted to suffering poor mental health and when people did the were openly scoffed at and picked on for being week, as little as 10 years ago we were still sending people to Asylum’s and mental institutions and around 20 years ago we were still using things like electro shock therapy for mental health, how were we ever meant to be open when society used words and actions like that to deal with mental health. However time has allowed a massive change in how we see, deal and think about any form of mental health. ┬áIn today environment everyone is encouraged to be open and honest about it with campaigns like #yournowisnotyourforever and #itsoknottobeok trending and filling every form of social media the tide really is turning. Even the Scottish government are making mental health a priority for everyone in Scotland. If you were looking on social media as little as two years ago you would have noticed a stream of adverts and invites to all sorts of weird and wonderful group, now however with social media also giving priority to mental health welfare you will notice a mental health group in nearly every area for every different type of person.

People are getting brave now and are happy to go on social media and openly share what happened to them and how they are dealing and inspiring others it really is some very powerful and moving stories we read each and every day. Also take a very close look at what happens once they have shared look at the amount of comments they receive and none of them negative, yes of course you will always get one person who wants to say something negative but that is life and we count ever be able to control that element but look how heavily outnumbered they are with positive loving caring comments that encourage support and wish the person well in life, moist thank them now for sharing.

In 2019 we challenge any employer or friend to criticise any one for struggling with mental health, take The Kris Boyd charity for example more and more companies and organisations are reaching out for us to go along and talk about and raise awareness about good mental health than ever before, so yes society may say and even you may say stigma surrounds mental health but if we just take a second to look around you will notice it is no where as bad as what society tells us.

So if you are sat reading this and worrying what others may think please remember the words and the facts we have stated here today and be brave, be bold and simply talk.

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