Making a Donation to The Kris Boyd Charity

  • What is PayPal Giving Fund?

    PayPal Giving Fund is a registered charity (No.1110538) that enables PayPal and its partners, such as eBay, to raise funds on behalf of UK charities. PayPal Giving Fund is working to create a network of donors, businesses and charities and provides a secure and easy way for people to find and support their favourite causes while at home or on the go. Working with leading internet businesses, PayPal Giving Fund generates more than $35m in donations each year to benefit charities in the US and UK.

  • Does PayPal own PayPal Giving Fund?

    No, PayPal Giving Fund is an independently registered charity (No. 1110538) that operates exclusively to support other charities’ work. PayPal is committed to building a future that enables and inspires charitable giving on a greater scale than ever before. To help achieve this, PayPal provides PayPal Giving Fund with crucial financial and technical support, enabling PayPal Giving Fund to pass on donations without charging donors or charities for our services.

  • When and how do charities get paid?

    We distribute donations to charities at the end of each month, by depositing a single payment into each charity’s PayPal account.

    Donations received on the 16th of the previous month up to the 15th of the current month are distributed at the end of the current month.

    We delay the distribution because it can help reduce charities’ donation administrative costs. The delay allows PayPal Giving Fund to account for any donor-reclaimed refunds and eliminates the need for charities to manage refunds or chargebacks directly with the donors.

    We file for Gift Aid with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) after delivering the original donation to the charity. Occasionally, due to HMRC backlogs, there may be a delay in receiving Gift Aid. Typically we are able to pass on the Gift Aid the month after we pass on the original donation.

    If eBay sellers donate before the 15th of the month, and waive their right to a refund, we are able to pass on their funds at the end of the same month.

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  • Do I need to have an account with PayPal Giving Fund to make a donation to a charity?

    To donate to a charity through PayPal Giving Fund, you’ll just need a PayPal account.

  • How much does it cost a donor to donate through PayPal Giving Fund?

    PayPal Giving Fund does not charge for its services. In some cases, our ecommerce partners may choose to charge fees on donations made through their platforms, which they will disclose to you on their sites. Visit the GoFundMe and PayPal fee pages for the latest information on fees.

  • Why does my donation go to PayPal Giving Fund?

    PayPal Giving Fund UK is a registered charity (No. 1110538) that enables PayPal users to give to charity quickly and easily. It collects donations and distributes them to charities at the end of each month. It also issues you, as a donor, with a receipt and lets you claim Gift Aid for your donations, taking nothing from your donation or Gift Aid and passing your entire donation on to your chosen charity. Because PayPal Giving Fund receives the donation before passing it on to your designated charity, your receipts will show PayPal Giving Fund as the recipient of each donation.

  • Is my donation secure?

    PayPal Giving Fund takes advantage of the safety and security of PayPal to make sure the processing of your donations is more secure, and ensure your personal information is protected.

  • How do I request a refund for my donation?

    If you sold an item for charity on eBay and the buyer requested a refund, PayPal Giving Fund will cancel or refund your donation without any fees. Please don’t abuse this option – eBay reserves the right to block you from using eBay for Charity if you cancel donations.

    eBay buyers who’ve made donations at checkout in error can use the dispute process with PayPal to reclaim donations. Log in to PayPal and visit the Resolution Centre to do this.

    eBay sellers can ask eBay to cancel pending donations if their sale has fallen through. They can do this by creating an unpaid item claim on eBay or by contacting eBay customer service directly. If sellers add Gift Aid to a donation, they have the right to cancel a donation for any reason within 21 days after the item sells.

    eBay sellers who’ve paid donations to PayPal Giving Fund can also request a refund if their sale has fallen through. Please note that PayPal Giving Fund is not able to refund donations that have been passed on to benefiting charities, which occurs within 2-6 weeks of PayPal Giving Fund receiving the donation. PayPal Giving Fund will not charge a fee for cancelled or refunded donations. To prevent abuse of the programme, eBay reserves the right to block donors who cancel donations from using eBay for Charity.

  • How do I track the donations I have made?

    Log in to your PayPal account to view your donations in your account Summary.

  • How do I make a Gift Aid Declaration?

    You’ll see the option to make a Gift Aid declaration in your donation receipt after making a donation to your chosen charity. Or you can visit the PayPal form directly to opt in.