Ali CampbellLife ‘Fixer’, Presenter and Internationally Bestselling Author.

    Ali Campbell is widely accepted as the country’s leading Life-Fixer and self-help author. Now with 5 international bestsellers to his name his book ‘Just Get On With It’ even outsold the Dalai Lama on its release and Ali was features prominently in top 100 internationally acclaimed self-help authors frequently presenting to an audience of over 1 million people around the world.

    Ali tailors his blend of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming and coaching to the individual’s specific needs. The common thread is that all the individuals who use his services want to operate as the very best version of themselves.

    A former professional athlete and master personal trainer, he has been on Celebrity Fit Club USA for MTV, The Vanessa Show, The Wright Stuff Extra, Sky News and Channel 5 News. His celebrity clients include Katie Price, Sally Hawkins and Kelly Rowland.

    Now back from Los Angeles and living at home in Scotland, Ali built his formidable reputation at the sharp end of personal development where he gained a reputation for ‘curing the incurable’… and fast!

    Ali is delighted to be contributing to the Boyd Charity and said: “I am delighted to be supporting Kris and the work done by The Kris Boyd Charity. Raising Mental Health awareness is vital for all of us. We also need more men to speak up. For too long guys have been encouraged to ‘just keep going’ and ‘don’t show weakness.’ Mental health issues are to a ‘weakness’ they are the silent epidemic of our time. Adding my voice to that of Kris and countless others in his Charity, hopefully brings us a step closer to an open and honest conversation where it’s ok to say you’re not ok without fear of stigma or embarrassment.”