H2H is here!

Hi folks, how’re you all doing?

This is a particularly tough winter season for many this year but we’re here to tell you all is not lost. There is an opportunity in every challenge, a blessing in every problem and we’re here to help you find it.
So, if you’re up for it, our new campaign H2H will take you from hopeless to happy in four months and it’s super simple. We just need you to commit to making a positive change in your life and then stick with us for a few months.

Each month, we’ll explore a new topic to help you reconsider your perspective, take control of your mental wellbeing and empower you to achieve better outcomes in your life.
This month, we explore CAUSE. Why do we think and feel like we do and what could we do to change that?

In December, we look at IMPACT. How do these thoughts and feelings lead to issues like anxiety, anger, depression and addiction and how can we tackle it?

January is all about POSSIBILITIES and positive visualisation. What if the things that make us sad no longer had that effect? Could we envision a better life for ourselves rather than reliving the same old stories?

Finally, February is all about taking ACTION. Now that we know better, how can we do better to feel better?

Each month our Resident Mental Fitness Expert Mary McClung will share her insights and advice through her blogs, videos, interviews and social media. This will culminate in a live Q&A on the theme of the month, jointly hosted by our very own Kris Boyd.

We understand not everyone feels comfortable sharing, but for those of you that do, please get in touch, comment and share your own experiences and progress through this campaign – it could make a real difference to someone else.

Join our monthly Q&A to ask questions live, or if you prefer, submit questions anonymously via email. So, without further ado, go check out Mary’s first blog on the topic of CAUSE. We hope it gets you thinking.

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